(The Post Millennial) – Conservative commentator and host of Unfiltered on Fox News, Dan Bongino, criticized the network this week as it edited parts of his interview with former President Donald Trump. Fox News seemingly did this to omit Trump’s comments on the 2020 election.

Speaking to Bongino on Saturday, Trump called it a “fake election” and suggested it was rife with “voter abuse and voter fraud like nobody’s ever seen before.” One day after the interview went live, Liz Harrington, Trump’s current spokesperson, took to Twitter to lambast Fox News.

This tweet caught the attention of Dan Bongino, who committed to a thorough investigation of what had occurred. A vocal supporter of the former president, Bongino was told by Fox News that the election fraud portion of the interview was omitted “to comply with YouTube,” which is censorious to channels that question the election.

“The reason I was given, is that it was edited, the elections part, to comply with YouTube,” Bongino said. “That’s not acceptable. To me, let me say again, that’s not acceptable to me. That’s absolutely not acceptable.”

“And I promise you a definitive solution resolution, I’m talking to Fox right now about it. Because it’s unfair to me, it’s unfair to you, it’s unfair to the audience,” Bongino continued. “This show is called Unfiltered for a reason.”

Bongino concluded, stating he felt “betrayed by a lot of people,” who had accused him of being “sellout” and a “traitor.”