(SNews) – Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo has fired back at Tucker Carlson’s accuser, former producer Abby Grossberg.

Grossberg filed a lawsuit against Fox News, Tucker Carlson, and others for what she claims was harassment, sexism, and mistreatment.

But Grossberg went on MSNBC and other shows to grab her 15 minutes of fame and cast doubt on her own claims.

As Slay News reported, Grossberg’s lawyer even admitted that she has never even met Carlson, despite accusing him of “sexism.”

Now Grossberg is going after Bartiromo, trashing the veteran financial reporter.

Grossberg worked with Bartiromo before she joined Carlson’s show.

Grossberg belittled Maria to Time Magazine saying she used her relationship with Trump to keep her job and the Murdochs off her back.

“If they were marginalizing her, she could always say, ‘I can get the President of the United States on the phone,’” Grossberg said.

“She had that power over Fox, and it protected her.”

Bartirmo fire back at the claims from Grossberg.

She said:

“I have interviewed four American presidents and several international heads of state during my distinguished career and have had rapports with leading figures across the world.

“These allegations are absurd and patently false.”