(The Post Millennial) – On Wednesday, TIME Magazine announced its 100 most influential people of 2021, which includes names like Prince Harry and Meghan, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Simone Biles, Nikole Hannah-Jones, and many more.

Included on the list is former President Donald Trump and leader of China Xi Jinping.

Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, the former president of neighboring Mongolia, wrote high praises about the communist leader in Jinping’s entry to the list.

“First, President Xi loves his country and his people dearly,” wrote Elbegdorj. “When he invited me to China for a state visit, I asked him where I should go while there. He replied, ‘Come visit my ancestral home in Shaanxi province. Wonderful place.’ I added that I wanted to visit Inner Mongolia and meet a local family. He again replied very kindly.”

“Second, President Xi has no arrogance. He treats people or counterparts from other countries as equals, although there is no doubt that he is the most influential politician in the world today,” Elbegdorj added.

Elbegdorj did make note of some of the atrocities China has committed in regards to the detaining of Uighur minorities. “China cannot claim humanity while committing crimes against humanity.”

“He demonstrates—as many in history have before him—that it is possible to be charismatic in person and dangerous and autocratic on the world stage. He can be benign and evil. So, let’s face President Xi,” Elbegdorj concluded.

Nancy Gibbs, who wrote about former President Donald Trump, did not express the same level of enthusiasm towards the former leader of the Untied States.

“On his very first day as President, Donald Trump stood on hallowed ground at the CIA and boasted of holding ‘the all-time record in the history of TIME magazine’ for being on the cover,” Gibbs began.

“That record is actually held by Richard Nixon, the other modern President in competition for doing the most violence to values, norms, honor and decency undergirding American democracy,” she noted.

Gibbs argued that Trump, although not surpassing the number of TIME Magazine cover features, has “surpassed Nixon as a menace to the Constitution.”

“Trump’s only rule is ruthlessness; he sees norms as opportunities for vandalism, a window left open in our intricate constitutional structure that he can crash through,” wrote Gibbs.

Gibbs wrote that “Trump’s assault on the Justice Department, his extortion of foreign allies, his obsession with domestic enemies all rhyme with Nixonian villainy and go further.”

Noting a different between the two former leaders, Gibbs wrote that despite having evidence of election fraud in 1960, “Nixon did not summon his supporters to storm the Capitol.”

“Trump celebrates participants in the Jan.?6 insurrection as patriots, and runs to get another can of gasoline,” said Gibbs.

She added that despite leaving office earlier this year, “he remains a magnetic force, propelling others who have taken up his antidemocratic mantle and challenged the validity of our elections.”

“History will judge which President most disfigured our politics and polity; that’s a race Trump is well-positioned to win,” Gibbs concluded.

It is important to note that earlier this summer, it was revealed that TIME Magazine, as well as other US outlets, had reportedly received hundreds of thousands of dollars to run advertising and printing in American outlets six months prior to the revelation.

TIME Magazine received $700,000 from the Chinese state-run media outlet China Daily to publish their articles to an American audience. It is unclear whether that deal is still ongoing.

As of June, TIME Magazine had published 75 articles from the Chinese outlet, including one that focuses on the controversial drone manufacturer DJI, and how their products can be used for farming purposes. DJI drones were allegedly used to surveil Uyghur muslims in Xinjiang.