A recent poll reveals that former First Lady Michelle Obama is highly favored by young American voters as their preferred choice for the Democratic presidential candidate, according to Newsweek. The survey, conducted by CNBC and Generation Lab, focused on individuals aged 18 to 34 and highlighted Michelle Obama’s influence on economic matters as a key factor in her popularity among young voters.

The results showed that 42% of respondents believed that Michelle Obama would have the most positive impact on the economy, surpassing both Donald Trump with 37% support and Joe Biden with 25% support. Despite her non-political career, Michelle Obama’s appeal remains significant, largely due to her efforts in areas such as public health initiatives, education, and empowering girls and women.

Experts, including Jane Hall from American University and Jayne Charneski, a consumer culture consultant, suggest that Michelle Obama’s popularity is partly attributed to her status as a non-politician, which resonates with young people who are often skeptical of traditional political figures in today’s era.

“She is seen by my college students and other young people as ‘not a politician’ at a time when young people are very cynical about the motives of anybody running for office,” Hall stated.

Despite President Biden’s efforts to attract younger voters through policies such as student loan forgiveness, there is still a gap in support. This lack of connection is partially linked to his foreign policy positions, particularly regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict.

“Sure, great, but please tell Joe what we really want is for him to stop the genocide in Palestine, and he’s not buying my vote with any amount of loan forgiveness,” a young voter commented.

The sentiments expressed suggest a difficult road ahead for Biden in garnering strong backing from this particular demographic in upcoming elections. Despite Michelle Obama’s consistent declaration of not desiring a political future, her impact remains pivotal.

“She has said repeatedly that she doesn’t want to run for office, but her celebrity and goodwill towards her still could certainly be helpful to Biden and the Democrats with young people as a surrogate in outreach to them,” Jane Hall remarked.