Additional proof has recently surfaced, further establishing a direct connection between Jeffrey Epstein and the Clinton family. For a considerable period, there have been lingering inquiries regarding the relationship between former President Bill Clinton and the deceased child sex trafficker. It has been revealed that Clinton traveled numerous times on Epstein’s infamous private aircraft, known as the “Lolita Express.”

Testimonies from witnesses have also affirmed that they witnessed Bill Clinton on Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean, infamously referred to as “Pedophile Island.” Survivors of the abuse have identified both the island and the jet as locations where a significant portion of the misconduct occurred.

Furthermore, it has long been known that Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s convicted accomplice in sex trafficking, attended the wedding of Chelsea Clinton, the ex-president’s daughter.

However, fresh evidence has emerged, solidifying Maxwell’s presence at the exclusive ceremony and further exposing Epstein’s connections to the Clintons. As reported by the New York Post, Maxwell even prioritized attending Chelsea Clinton’s wedding over participating in a deposition regarding Epstein’s criminal activities.

Per the outlet:

“Convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding instead of sitting for a deposition in a civil suit filed against Jeffrey Epstein by one of his accusers, according to court documents unsealed Friday.”

The latest discovered link between Epstein and the Clintons is outlined in the Post’s report, which provides detailed information. In relation to Maxwell, the Post highlights…

“The British socialite was subpoenaed in 2009 to testify in a case lodged against Epstein by his alleged victim Virginia Guiffre, according to the court documents. Maxwell initially agreed to be deposed, lawyers for Guiffre wrote in the 2016 motion.”

According to court documents cited by The Post, Maxwell arranged a meeting with Guiffre’s attorneys, engaged in negotiations with them, and ultimately backed out of the deposition at the last minute, citing her urgent need to travel abroad to attend to her ailing mother.

The Post reports, “Just several months later, the sex trafficker appeared as one of 400 guests at the lavish nuptial ceremony in upstate New York.”

Following a judge’s order to release court documents pertaining to Epstein, new information has emerged. Among the recently unsealed Epstein docs, Bill Clinton’s name is mentioned multiple times. Given the existing knowledge of the Democrat former president’s connections to Epstein, it was anticipated that Clinton’s name would appear in these documents.

To date, Clinton’s name has been identified in the documents on 73 occasions. One particular document includes a victim’s testimony, alleging that Bill Clinton has a preference for young individuals.

Despite these revelations, Clinton maintains his stance of being unaware of Epstein’s criminal activities.