A recent report has cautioned that former President Barack Obama continues to exert influence over the White House. According to Stephen Flurry from the Philadelphia Trumpet, Obama has been making strategic moves that rival the impact of President Joe Biden.

Speculations are circulating that Obama is deliberately maintaining a higher level of power compared to Biden. Flurry, who serves as the executive editor of the news outlet, argues that Obama might still be pulling the strings behind the scenes.

In an article titled “The Biden-Obama Power Struggle Isn’t Real,” Flurry discusses how Obama’s actions suggest a level of authority that goes beyond his current position. The author dismisses the idea of a power struggle, emphasizing that Obama appears to have the upper hand over his former vice president. Obama’s recent interactions, including a meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, indicate a level of influence that surpasses that of a typical ex-president.

While Obama described the meeting as a “courtesy visit,” the move has raised concerns among Democrats, who previously criticized similar actions by Republican administrations.

“Some news analysts believe that Biden’s insecurity indicates there is some sort of rivalry or power struggle between the former president and vice president,” Flurry writes.

“But this belief gives Biden too much credit.”

“He may not always like being dominated by Obama, but he is far too senile to put up any sort of fight,” the author added.

Flurry holds the belief that due to the significant number of individuals who previously served in the Obama administration, the former president would possess considerable influence and sway within the current Biden White House. It is important to note that Obama has not held office since the completion of his second term in 2017.

Nevertheless, it is evident that he continues to garner the same level of respect and admiration from Democrats, even in the presence of the current president. During a White House event in 2022, which aimed to commemorate the passing of the Affordable Care Act, Obama captivated the crowd. He engaged in handshakes and conversations with numerous attendees, while Biden remained nearby, appearing somewhat lost and despondent.