Despite facing significant backlash from fellow House Republicans, Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) remains steadfast in his decision to move forward with the government spending deal that he has negotiated with Democrat Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY).

According to The Hill, Johnson addressed the matter publicly on Friday, reaffirming his commitment to the spending agreement despite the criticism he has received.

Johnson told members of the press:

“After weeks of hard-fought negotiations, we achieved a strong top-line agreement that allows our appropriations committee and all those who work on this to complete the appropriations process.

“It’s an important part of keeping the government running.”

“Our topline agreement remains,” Johnson added.

“We are getting our next steps together, and we are working toward a robust appropriations process.

“So stay tuned for all that.”

Johnson, after delivering this concise statement, refrained from entertaining any inquiries from the press.

The majority of the disapproval directed towards Johnson originates from the House Freedom Caucus.

Fox News reports:

“The conservative House Freedom Caucus led the revolt against Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s agreement on Sunday evening, recirculating a late December memo that said any funding topline higher than $1.59 trillion would be ‘totally unacceptable.’”

Furthermore, alongside the memorandum, the House Freedom Caucus also shared a statement on X platform, denouncing the spending agreement as a complete disappointment.

“Don’t believe the spin,” the group wrote.

“Once you break through typical Washington math, the true total programmatic spending level is $1.658 trillion — not $1.59 trillion.”

Despite Johnson’s apparent determination in his statement on Friday, there are those who argue that he has yet to make a final decision on the agreement and is still contemplating other options.

Bob Good (R-VA) said:

“Well, he has not rescinded it yet.

“But I am quite certain he is legitimately considering alternatives.”

Johnson is expected to make a definitive announcement soon regarding this issue, as he is actively working towards preventing a government shutdown. It is crucial to note that certain agencies are currently slated to cease operations on January 19, 2024.

“The pedal’s to the metal,” Johnson said last week.

“We have the top-line agreement.

“This allows us to fight for our policy priorities, for our policy riders now.

“And our appropriators are resolute on doing that.”