Democrat President Joe Biden oddly engaged in impersonating a young girl during a White House event.

This peculiar impersonation, labeled as Biden’s “creepiest moment yet,” took place during Biden’s recent address at the Tribal Nations Summit. The Daily Caller reported that the incident occurred as Biden was attempting to assert that he had reinstated various protections for tribal lands, as seen in a video of the speech.

“At the same time, preserving important and ancestral Tribal lands, I restored protections from my predecessor — gutted by my predecessor at three national monuments: Grand Staircase and Beers Ear — Bears Ears,” Biden said.

During this moment, Biden deviated from his prepared remarks and began imitating a young girl he asserted to have encountered on an airplane. In doing so, he altered the pronunciation of the letter “R” to mimic a “W.” The president stated:

“And, by the way, you know how that happened?

“I was in a plane, and a little girl came up to me.

“She said, ‘Mr. Pwesident’ — (laughter) — ‘can you take care of Beaws Ears?’ (Laughter)

“And, I said — I said, ‘Can I…’

“I thought she said can I take care of her ears. (Laughter.)

“And, I said, ‘What, honey?’

“And she said, ‘Beaws Ears. It’s really important!’

“And, guess what? She was dead right, and we did take care of it.”