Democrats in key 2024 swing states were never enthusiastic about the term “Bidenomics” to describe President Joe Biden’s economic policies. A report on Wednesday indicated that they have largely discarded the term as the current election cycle gains momentum.

Biden tried making the term go mainstream earlier this year. NBC News reported, “But early on, it became clear that the phrase wasn’t resonating with voters, and by the end of November, Biden had only used the phrase once since the start of the month.”

Nevertheless, the term never gained traction among House Democrats. An analysis of online posts and press releases from congressional offices revealed that 18 out of the 19 Democrats seeking re-election in seats categorized as “Toss Up” or “Lean Democrat” by the nonpartisan Cook Political Report have not used the term “Bidenomics.”

“The lone battleground Democrat who has used the term ‘Bidenomics’ is Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, who used a graphic on X, formerly known as Twitter, with the words ‘Bidenomics works,’ when noting monthly job growth figures,” NBC News added.

Nonetheless, Republicans vying for these contested seats are making efforts to link incumbent Democrats with the term. Joe Kent, a Republican congressional candidate in Washington’s 3rd District, running against Democratic Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, recently claimed on social media that “Perez-Bidenomics is driving up drug costs.”

House GOP Conference Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik has also committed to associating House Democrats with the term, stating on social media this week, “Make no mistake, House Democrats own #Bidenomics.”

Most polls indicate that Americans are dissatisfied with the economy, facing increased prices across the board, and a majority attribute inflation, high interest rates, and soaring home prices to President Biden. A late October poll in key swing states—Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina—revealed that only 39 percent of voters have confidence in the president’s ability to handle the economy, as reported by RealClearPolitics.

Steve Cortes, Chairman and Founder of the League of American Workers, emphasized in a published column that the economy is a significant factor contributing to the 77 percent of surveyed voters who believe the nation is on the wrong track. Of those with a favorable opinion of the president’s handling of the economy, a mere 9 percent expressed “strong approval.”

“So, despite the propaganda of media apologists and cherry-picking of a small set of data points that appear temporarily uplifting, voters clearly understand their tough economic slog and place blame squarely upon Biden and his allies,” the author said.

“In fact, in separate polling from Gallup going back seven decades, Republicans have never before enjoyed a larger edge on the primary issue of the day, the economy. Combining that survey with this new LAW poll in battleground states, the harsh reality of economic anxiety becomes clearer, especially for citizens of modest means,” he said.

“Our new poll revealed, for example, just how worried workers are about the erosion of their earning power and their subsequent inability to pay soaring housing costs for rents or mortgages.

“In these four states, fully 39% of voters said that ‘Income Erosion’ was a top concern regarding the effects of systemic, punishing inflation. Americans work harder to afford less, as evidenced by the crushing 24 straight months of declining real wages under Biden, meaning pay adjusted for the costs of the goods and services of life,” he said.

More troubling for the president, a recent poll has indicated a significant decline in his support among Democratic voters.

As reported by Newsweek, “President Joe Biden’s job approval rating among Democrats dropped by 11 percentage points in the past month, marking the worst assessment among his own party since he took office, according to a Gallup poll.”