The recent State of the Union (SOTU) speech by President Joe Biden, a Democrat, has sparked a flurry of speculation and controversy. One of the questions that has arisen is the president’s unusually energetic behavior during his well-prepared address.

This behavior has prompted several experts to offer their opinions on what might have caused this sudden burst of energy from Biden. According to one psychiatrist, Biden’s energetic demeanor during the SOTU speech was likely a result of using stimulant drugs to mask cognitive decline. Despite being 81 years old, Biden delivered his speech in a manner that was not only fast-paced but also louder than his usual tone. This departure from his typical speaking style has fueled discussions about his cognitive health and whether it played a role in this apparent change.

Dr. Carole Lieberman, a forensic psychiatrist, noted that the speed and volume of Biden’s speech could be indicative of the use of Adderall or amphetamines. However, it is important to mention that Dr. Lieberman has not personally examined the president. Her observations are based on his public appearances and the mannerisms he displayed during the speech.

Lieberman is often called upon as an expert witness in criminal trials to identify changes in behavioral patterns, such as when someone is lying or concealing information. She has provided testimony in several high-profile cases, including the murder of Scott Amedure.

During his speech, Biden exhibited a higher frequency of gestures and a faster hand movement pace, which deviated from his usual posture of resting his hands on the podium.

Dr. Lieberman highlighted these changes, as well as Biden’s rapid speech delivery and occasional slurring of words, suggesting the possible influence of psychopharmacological substances. Biden’s performance, noticeably more energetic than usual, quickly became a subject of conversation on social media platforms and among political commentators. This shift in behavior has raised concerns about its broader implications for his cognitive health. The White House promptly dismissed the criticisms and insinuations regarding potential drug use.

Official spokespersons and allies of the president defended his performance, attributing the energetic delivery to his dedication and passion for the discussed topics. It is worth noting that some scientific evidence suggests that Adderall may aid in cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

A 2022 study highlighted that ADHD medications could enhance cognitive performance in Alzheimer’s patients, lending some credibility to the notion that stimulants may have been utilized to enhance Biden’s focus during the speech. Dr. Lieberman further observed signs of cognitive decline in President Biden, particularly noting two gaffes during his address.

These mistakes, coupled with his heightened anger and shouting, were interpreted by her as potential indicators of dementia, potentially exacerbated by the use of stimulants. This is not the first instance where public figures have speculated about Biden’s cognitive health and potential use of performance-enhancing drugs. President Donald Trump had previously accused Biden of using drugs to enhance his performance during debates. The ongoing discussions about Biden’s cognitive abilities have been a significant aspect of his reelection efforts.

Statements made by Dr. Lieberman and other prominent figures, including Ari Fleischer and Frank Luntz, have intensified the ongoing discussion. Fleischer’s observation on X regarding Biden’s speech being unusually energetic and Luntz’s description of it as the “most boisterous State of the Union speech” he can recall have contributed to the diverse range of opinions on the president’s performance. The scrutiny of Biden’s State of the Union address and his mental acuity highlights the mounting apprehensions about his suitability for the presidency.

While Democrats view Biden’s spirited delivery as a positive indicator, others view it with suspicion and concern for his well-being. Dr. Lieberman’s remarks on the potential effects of Adderall in enhancing focus before a significant event like the State of the Union address underscore the intricate relationship between public perception, political tactics, and personal well-being. Despite the White House’s rejection of the conjecture, discussions surrounding Biden’s cognitive health and possible use of stimulants persist, with political adversaries and segments of the public maintaining skepticism towards the official narrative.