Rep. Kevin Boyle, a Pennsylvania Democratic state representative, is facing further legal troubles two months after a video surfaced of him making drunken threats in a bar. The Philadelphia Inquirer has reported that a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Boyle is being accused of violating a protection from abuse order that was filed against him by his ex-wife. The charge against him will be a violation by communication, as stated by police representative Eric Gripp.

In 2021, Boyle experienced what the Inquirer referred to as “a psychotic episode,” which resulted in an arrest that has since been expunged. Boyle later informed his constituents that the arrest and subsequent mental health treatment played a crucial role in saving his life. Additionally, in 2021, Boyle was accused of harassment and violating a protection from abuse order against his then-wife, according to WCAU.

The Inquirer reported that the House Democratic Campaign Committee is supporting Sean Dougherty, a rival to Boyle, in the upcoming April 23 Democratic primary. Democratic House Majority Leader Matt Bradford has expressed concerns regarding Boyle’s mental health.

“I love Kevin Boyle, and I want him to get the help he needs. They’re not mutually exclusive. It breaks my heart to see him this way,” he said.

Boyle has served as the representative for his district in northeast Philadelphia since 2011, as reported by WPVI-TV.

During the month of February, a video capturing Boyle’s presence in a bar while seemingly under the influence circulated on various social media platforms. The footage depicted Boyle’s refusal to depart the establishment upon request, and his demeanor grew progressively confrontational.