Protesters with sympathies towards Hamas, a leftist group, have gathered outside the residence of Nancy Pelosi, the former Democratic House Speaker from California. Their objective is to call for an end to the financial and military support that the United States provides to Israel. These demonstrators, who oppose the Jewish state and express support for Hamas-led Gaza, have been vocal and persistent in demanding an immediate halt to Israel’s ongoing military response following the terrorist attacks on October 7, 2023.

On New Year’s Day, approximately 100 anti-Israel protesters assembled outside Pelosi’s home at sunrise and continued their protest for several hours. Local ABC affiliate KGO reported that the demonstrators marched through Pelosi’s neighborhood, loudly chanting and playing drums. Their primary demand was for the former Democratic leader to utilize her remaining power and influence in Washington D.C. to secure an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza conflict and put an end to all financial and military aid provided by the United States to Israel.

One of the organizers stated:

“We know that Congress is on recess and it’s a great time to bring messages to representatives when they’re at home.”

“We’re asking for an end to funding for Israel’s military machine and we’d like [Pelosi] to commit to really investing those billions of dollars here at home because people are hurting, people are sleeping out on the street here in San Francisco,” they added.

“I agree that we need money spent at home, but it doesn’t need to be taken from defending Israel,” Katz said.

“I think that we are very invested in seeing Israel succeed, because, in fact, if you read the Hamas Charter, they are not going to stop with Israel,” she continued.

“They are bent on destroying all of Western civilization and establishing an Arab, a Muslim Caliphate, and that’s their goal.

“And so I think that the whole West really is at stake here.”

Katz also stated:

“I’m 100 percent for a cease-fire the minute that Hamas surrenders.”

She also went after the pro-Hamas protesters, adding:

“How come nobody is putting any onus on Hamas to surrender?

“I believe that as soon as Hamas surrenders, Israel will stop.

“There will be a ceasefire.”

The congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi, has once again faced protests outside her home, this time by anti-Israel and pro-Hamas demonstrators. This incident on Monday is not the first time she has been targeted in her neighborhood, as a similar event took place nearly a month earlier on December 3, 2023. The previous protest was organized by the anti-war group Code Pink, who aimed to urge Pelosi and President Biden to support an immediate permanent ceasefire, end financial backing for Prime Minister Netanyahu’s military campaign in Gaza, and put a stop to settler violence and Israeli military incursions in the West Bank. Despite public polling and the support of many Democrats in Congress for a ceasefire, Code Pink emphasized the importance of Pelosi, as a California leader and former Speaker of the House, standing in solidarity with her constituents and colleagues advocating for peace.

It is worth noting that leftist groups, often disguising their anti-Semitism, have consistently demanded that Israel, surrounded by Arab and Islamic neighbors and sworn enemy groups, cease its defensive actions against Hamas. However, these protesters rarely direct their demands and condemnations towards the Hamas terrorists themselves. They choose to ignore the fact that the current conflict was sparked by unprovoked attacks on Israeli civilians by Hamas in October, including a coordinated invasion of southern Israel and numerous acts of violence and kidnappings.