(CBrief) – Fox News host Sean Hannity addressed the Biden White House ‘Cocainegate’ scandal as he opened his program on Thursday evening with an update following a congressional briefing of lawmakers by the Secret Service.

In breaking down the latest Biden administration scandal, Hannity honed in on what the agency told members of Congress — that officials were wrapping up their short investigation into who brought the illegal drug into the people’s house without naming a suspect, claiming that agents were unable to identify the person.

“But first, breaking tonight, after only 11 days, the Secret Service has now officially ended their probe into the cocaine scandal at the Biden White House. Now, according to their 11-day investigation, 11 long days, well, we’ll just never know who left the bag of cocaine behind in a secure, heavily monitored area of the West Wing of the White House. It will forever be apparently a mystery,” Hannity declared.

“Apparently, no fingerprints on the bag, no DNA evidence, no surveillance footage, no eyewitness accounts, no suspects at all whatsoever, although they do have a surveillance camera, camera coverage of everybody walking into the West Wing. How about we look at all of those people and interview every one of them first before we end an investigation? Now we’re talking about the most heavily monitored and secured building on the planet Earth. And new tonight, we’re learning that this was not the first time illegal drugs were found in the Biden White House. It was the third time,” he added.

Hannity continued: “The Secret Service just told members of Congress that this was the third time that an illegal substance was discovered in Joe Biden’s White House in the West Wing. So my question is, why are we learning about these other two instances right now at this point? And the two other occasions involved marijuana. No one was ever charged? We were never told? Why was that hidden from the public? Now, obvious question, is the Secret Service, like the DOJ and the FBI, are they now part of covering for someone at the Biden White House? So are they now willing to throw away their reputation in order to protect Joe Biden, his administration, for what would be a massive scandal?”

“Let me ask this question. What if that white powdery substance that people shove up their nose happened to be anthrax? Or what if it was cocaine that was laced with fentanyl, which is not uncommon? Would the Secret Service, have just brushed it off after a pathetic 11-day investigation? And by the way, what if this was the Trump White House? Do you really think federal investigators would drop the case after only 11 days? Anyone here believe that? ” Hannity concluded.


Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert revealed after the Secret Service briefing that in addition to the cocaine, marijuana had been found in the Biden White House two times since 2022, Just the News reported.

“This is the third time that drugs have been found on the White House property since 2022, and we did not even hear about the marijuana,” she said.

“I certainly did not hear about the marijuana that was found in 2022, two times, and now there’s cocaine on the property. So everything they do is to move along to the next story. They know there will be another Biden crime crisis,” she added, according to the outlet.

Boebert confirmed “the agency likely won’t find a suspect in connection to the cocaine discovery and that the probe will conclude Friday,” the report said.

“There’s a list of more than 500 individuals that they looked into their backgrounds for prior drug records or use, and nothing was determined from their analysis,” Boebert said. “And the Secret