It is crucial to note that certain phone call records linked to the legal proceedings against ex-President Donald Trump were removed from the case documents, as confirmed by Jaden Jarmel-Schneider, a paralegal at the Manhattan District Attorney Office, during the court hearing. This admission holds significance as it may impact the availability of essential evidence for the defense team. Jarmel-Schneider’s statement pertained to a significant recording that the prosecution had previously presented in court. The prosecution had played this recording with the intention of demonstrating Trump and Cohen discussing “catch and kill” or hush money payments. Trump’s legal representatives argue that Cohen tampered with the recording.

Tthe Associated Press reported:

“Records show Cohen received a phone call about 22 seconds after the recording was cut off, according to Jarmel-Schneider’s testimony. Prosecutors seem to be eliciting the testimony to back up their claim that the recording wasn’t edited, but was cut short after Cohen received an incoming call.”

CNN reported that during the questioning by Trump defense attorney Emil Bove, Jarmel-Schneider was asked about the removal of certain toll records between Keith Davidson and Michael Cohen. Following the submission of recordings from 2018 between the two individuals, Bove challenged the evidence presented by the prosecutors. The paralegal acknowledged that Bragg’s office had indeed deleted some call records from the Trump case files, specifically those pertaining to a three-page exhibit of calls between Gina Rodriguez and Dylan Howard.