Alex Soros, the offspring of liberal advocate and billionaire George Soros, proposed that Democrats emphasize the fact that former President Donald Trump is a “convicted felon” whenever they have the chance. Soros emphasized in a message on X that “repetition is crucial for an effective message” and that Democrats aim for American voters to grapple with the idea of voting for a “convicted felon” in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

On Thursday, the jury in the trial of Trump’s business records unanimously declared the former president guilty on all 34 counts.

In November 2021, Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney, was elected and later in April 2023, he charged Trump with 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree. These charges were related to payments made to adult entertainment star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential election.

Earlier reports indicated that Bragg received indirect funding from George Soros, the elder Soros. Soros contributed $1 million to the Color of Change PAC, which in turn spent money to support Bragg’s election campaign.

Soros has spent “millions in recent local prosecutorial elections, often backing left-wing radicals against incumbent or moderate Democrats. His involvement has coincided with a massive rise in violent crimes in Democrat-run cities.”

George Soros Sr. has provided financial support to prosecutors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Cook County, Illinois; and Contra Costa County, California.

Trump told reporters that this had been “done by the Biden administration in order to hurt an opponent, a political opponent.”