In the trial concerning Trump’s business records, the defense team led by former President Donald Trump accused Michael Cohen, the disgraced former attorney, of fabricating information regarding an October 2016 phone call. According to reports, Todd Blanche, one of Trump’s defense attorneys, interrogated Cohen during cross-examination about the call, which took place shortly after 8:00 p.m. on an autumn evening. The call was allegedly made to Trump’s bodyguard, Keith Schiller. Cohen claimed that he discussed a payment to Stormy Daniels with Trump during this call. However, Blanche seemed to imply that Cohen contacted Schiller to address nuisance calls from a mischievous teenager.

Blanche was implying that “it is ridiculous that Michael Cohen might have simultaneously reported a prankster to Keith Schiller and talked to Trump about the hush-money payment.”

The Inner City Press reported:

“Blanche turned the clock back a quarter of an hour. He got Cohen to acknowledge or remember – depending on one’s perspective; maybe just, he got Cohen to say – that Cohen had been receiving harassing calls for three days and finally the harasser forgot to block their number. Cohen texted the number, that he would be turning it over to the Secret Service. He said he learned, or was told, that it was a 14 year-old. And then he texted Keith Schiller, asking him to act on it.”