(TStarnes) – The Republican Party loves President Trump.

That’s the irrefutable finding in a new poll conducted by The New York Times and Sienna College.

If the election for the Republican presidential nominee were held today, President Trump would win in a landslide with 54 percent of the vote.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis trails by 37 points. And the remainder of the field barely registered with just three percent a piece.

The former president held decisive advantages in almost every demographic group and region – and even in every ideological wing of the party.

Young and old. Moderate and Conservative. College educated. All break for Trump.

Among those who described themselves as very conservative, the former president held a 50-point margin.

The poll spells disaster for Gov. DeSantis. Even in a hypothetical one-on-one race against Trump – he would lose by a two-to-one margin.

As the Times rightly noted, Republican voters like DeSantis, but they love Trump.

“DeSantis, I have high hopes. But as long as Trump’s there, Trump’s the man,” retired technician Daniel Brown told the newspaper.

“Trump has proven his clout,” added Mallory Butler, 39, of Polk County, Fla. “And DeSantis has, but in a much smaller arena.”

The nation is in a political, economic and moral freefall. The Deep State has declared war on not just Trump, but every freedom-loving American in the country. And the voters believe that Trump is the only person who has the fortitude to fight back.

“He might say mean things and make all the men cry because all the men are wearing your wife’s underpants and you can’t be a man anymore,” David Green, 69, a retail manager in Somersworth, N.H., told the Times. “You got to be a little sissy and cry about everything. But at the end of the day, you want results. Donald Trump’s my guy. He’s proved it on a national level.”

He’s the only one who they believe can truly make America great again.