The Democratic Party has experienced a division in recent years, with various factions advocating for their own specific agendas. These include the LGBT agenda, the Muslim agenda, the college tuition agenda, the DEI agenda, and the open borders agenda, among others. However, during this election cycle, the Biden administration seems to be struggling to satisfy all factions within the party, and the results have been less than satisfactory thus far.

A recent segment on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” highlighted the disillusionment of Arab American voters with President Biden, particularly regarding his support for Israel. This has led to the use of the term “Genocide Joe” by the Arab American community, which could potentially pose a significant problem for the president in the 2024 election, according to former Obama advisor and CNN contributor Van Jones.

It’s not just the Arab American community that is turning against Biden, though. The latest NBC News poll reveals that his approval rating among Latino voters has plummeted to a concerning 35 percent. This is worrisome for Democrats, considering the crucial role of the Latino vote, as highlighted by NBC.

In the 2020 election, Biden enjoyed strong support from Latinos, which helped secure victories in battleground states and offset losses among white working-class voters. However, with less than nine months until the 2024 election, Biden is losing Latino support due to a stagnant economy and a lack of progress on immigration reform in Congress, as indicated by the poll.

To make matters worse for Biden, the NBC poll shows that he is essentially tied with former President Donald Trump among Latino voters in a hypothetical 2024 contest. This is a significant decline, considering that Biden had a nearly 30-point advantage over Trump among Spanish-speaking voters in 2020.

In January, a different survey conducted by USA Today/Suffolk University revealed that Trump is currently ahead of Biden by 5 points among Latinos, with a support of 39 percent compared to Biden’s 34 percent.

According to NBC, the overall disapproval rating for Biden’s job performance stands at 60 percent, marking the lowest rating he has received during his term. While Biden received higher ratings for his stance on reproductive rights and democracy protection, he significantly trailed behind Trump among independents, men, and, as previously mentioned, Latinos.