A California law that aimed to prohibit the possession of firearms in various public places has been halted by a federal judge. This law, which was scheduled to take effect on January 1, would have prevented individuals from carrying concealed weapons in 26 different locations, including playgrounds, churches, banks, public parks, and zoos. Judge Cormac Carney issued a preliminary injunction, deeming the law as an extensive violation of the Second Amendment and a direct challenge to the Supreme Court.

The California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA), the organization that filed the lawsuit against the law, views this injunction as a significant triumph for the preservation of gun rights.

“California progressive politicians refuse to accept the Supreme Court’s mandate from the Bruen case and are trying every creative ploy they can imagine to get around it,” CRPA president Chuck Michel said in a statement. “The Court saw through the State’s gambit.”

California Attorney General Rob Bonta has announced his intention to file an appeal against the ruling, asserting that it poses a threat to the safety of communities by permitting firearms in areas where families and children congregate. Governor Newsom, his superior, remains resolute in his mission to dismantle the Second Amendment within the state.

“Defying common sense, this ruling outrageously calls California’s data-backed gun safety efforts ‘repugnant.’ What is repugnant is this ruling, which greenlights the proliferation of guns in our hospitals, libraries, and children’s playgrounds — spaces, which should be safe for all,” the governor said in a statement released on Wednesday.

Earlier, a federal judge invalidated California’s prohibition on what are commonly referred to as assault weapons. This provoked an intense reaction from Newsom, who resorted to making insincere personal criticisms towards the judge responsible for the decision.

Benitez accurately observed in his ruling that the occurrence of killings through knife attacks surpasses that of homicides committed with any type of rifle.

Newsom and other Democratic leaders will spare no effort to dismantle the 2nd Amendment. Although the courts are currently restraining their actions, the ultimate responsibility lies with the American people’s determination to resist, as it is the only force capable of restraining these authoritarian figures.