Republican leaders are strategizing a set of legislative actions targeted at President Joe Biden in preparation for the 2034 election, which they believe are crucial to maintain focus on him. This plan serves as an alternative course of action, following the realization by GOP leaders that they may not have adequate support to impeach the president. Despite his failure to properly implement immigration and border security laws, along with allegations of previous family misconduct, Politico reveals.

“Republicans are determined not to give up on a push that’s still a high priority for the GOP base — especially since abandoning it altogether could alienate conservatives they need to turn out in November,” the outlet noted. “So they’re exploring backup options to keep the spotlight on … allegations that Biden misused the public offices he’s held to benefit his family’s businesses.”

Alternative proposals encompass a range of measures aimed at addressing the issue. These include enacting more stringent regulations on financial disclosure and establishing safeguards to regulate foreign lobbying activities. Furthermore, they involve referring Hunter Biden and other individuals to the Justice Department for potential criminal charges. Another possibility being considered is initiating legal action to compel testimony from officials at the Department of Justice. According to Politico, certain members of the GOP conference have advocated for prolonging the investigation, potentially extending it until Election Day:

“Any of those off-ramps come with risks of their own — namely that they require cooperation from the Senate or the Justice Department — but, the current GOP thinking goes, Republicans would at least have something to show to their anti-Biden voters with their thin majority on the line. Asked if he would mind the inquiry ending without an impeachment vote, Oversight Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) instead said that his “No. 1 priority” has long been “to get the truth to the American people … and pass influence-peddling legislation.”

“I feel like we’re on track to do what my objective was. Now, if we impeach, then we impeach — and you know how I would vote on that — but that’s not up to me,” Comer told the outlet in a short interview.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan recently penned a letter to the Department of Justice, alleging that they were obstructing the Republicans’ efforts to interview tax officials regarding Hunter Biden.

Jordan warned that legal action may be pursued in order to obtain the desired testimony. Certain GOP members are advocating for an impeachment vote, despite the potential for it to be unsuccessful.

“Instead of losing every time by surrender, I would rather try, fight and if you lose some you lose some, but you have a chance to win,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) told Politico, adding that more moderate Republicans have admitted Biden “should be impeached.”

In the beginning of the month, Comer (R-Ky.) informed journalists after Hunter Biden’s private testimony before his committee and the House Judiciary Committee about the potential future actions in Joe Biden’s impeachment investigation. Comer mentioned that the GOP is preparing to enter a new stage, which might involve bringing Hunter back for a public testimony. However, Hunter’s lawyer dismissed this idea, as reported by Fox News Digital.

Hunter’s attorney told reporters: “The transcripts of witnesses who have been called to date, including Hunter’s, makes it obvious that there is nothing left to ask, answer, say or do. This illegitimate inquiry should have ended long before their star witness was indicted for lying but it wasn’t. Now that Hunter has put this partisan conspiracy to the lie that it is — on the record and under oath — this political charade should finally come to an end.”

Hunter stated during his testimony that he refrained from involving his father in his business affairs. He strongly condemned House Republicans for relentlessly pursuing him in a biased and politically motivated impeachment inquiry against the president. Furthermore, Lowell emphasized that the GOP lacks any evidence against his father, the president, as there simply isn’t any. Comer emphasized that Hunter and his lawyer have explicitly requested a public hearing subsequent to the deposition.