Three lawyers informed CNN that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is facing challenges in his case against former President Donald Trump. During the cross-examination by defense attorney Todd Blanche on Tuesday, Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen admitted his bias against his ex-boss. Criminal defense attorney Bill Brennan, national security lawyer Carrie Cordero, and former Trump attorney Michael van der Veen expressed confidence in Trump’s defense, indicating that Bragg has not sufficiently demonstrated the former president’s culpability.

“This witness is perfect for Todd Blanche, and all the people second-guessing each and every question, sit down, get your popcorn now, let Mr. Blanche do his job,” Brennean told host Jake Tapper. “And the judge will will charge to this jury, Jake, that if a witness has a bias, or a skin in the game, you take that testimony with caution. The witness is supposed to say they robbed the bank, they drove the car, it was blue and it was raining out. Not I want him in jail, I got a little silly little tee shirt on. This Cohen is reprehensible.”

“I think there‘s a good argument in favor of doing that,” Cordero told Tapper. “Unless they really think that there‘s something that comes out from Michael Cohen‘s testimony, I think at this point there would be a strong argument for the defense to just stand up and say, look, the prosecution hasn’t met its burden in this case. Here’s all the things that they have to prove. They haven‘t gotten there. And it’s time for everybody to go home. I don‘t know that they”ll do that, but I think there’s an argument in favor of that.”

Tapper said this would be a “baller move” but thought Trump would probably prefer to continue fighting back. “I think he’d like to push, push, push and get as many witnesses on as he can, but I think the strategy is probably right,” van der Veen responded. “This case hasn’t gone in the way I think it was billed to go in. So as the as the days go on and this case looks weaker and weaker, I think it‘s probably less that they have to put on for defense.”