Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has hinted at an impending announcement from Congress concerning the impeachment inquiry targeting Democrat President Joe Biden.

During a press conference on Thursday, Johnson indicated that House Republicans are approaching a crucial juncture in Biden’s impeachment inquiry. He emphasized that he wouldn’t pre-judge the investigation’s outcome.

This inquiry is centered on allegations of corruption involving Biden and his family. Lawmakers have been scrutinizing evidence, including bank records that reveal questionable money transfers linked to their foreign business dealings.

“But I do believe that very soon we are coming to a point of decision on it,” Johnson said.

He added that the impeachment inquiry phase is an “important step” in ensuring due process.


Just over a week ago, Mike Johnson assumed the position of House Speaker.

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy initiated the impeachment inquiry in mid-September.

Biden, who is currently seeking re-election to the presidency, and his supporters have consistently denied any wrongdoing, dismissing the Republican-led inquiry as an attempt to appeal to the party’s base, despite compelling evidence to the contrary.

Republicans have issued subpoenas for bank records associated with Biden’s family members and conducted a hearing to establish the grounds for the inquiry.

Members of Congress are reportedly exploring charges related to bribery and abuse of power against Biden, with House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer leading the effort.

Comer recently expressed his intention to conclude the inquiry’s activities as swiftly as possible, stating that it is in the “downhill phase.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith are collaborating with Comer on this case.

Mike Johnson commended the meticulous and exceptional work done by Comer, Jordan, and Smith, emphasizing that it transcends partisan politics. Johnson, with a background in constitutional law, has prior experience serving on defense teams during former President Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings, particularly during the Ukraine controversy and the 2020 election dispute, which he described as instances of Democrats using impeachment for partisan purposes.

“I decried that at each step of the way,” he added.

“The reason is because impeachment power in the Constitution — in the House specifically — next to a declaration of war, you could argue, it’s the … heaviest power that we have.

“And it cannot be wielded for political purposes.”