Actor Alan Ritchson, known for his left-leaning views, recently made a statement filled with animosity towards Christians and President Donald Trump.

Ritchson went as far as labeling Trump as a “rapist” and criticizing Christians who stand by him. Interestingly, Ritchson identifies himself as a Christian and shares videos on social media under the name InstaChurch.

InstaChurch is a collection of videos where the actor delves into scripture and reflects on its relevance to his own life experiences.

In his latest video, Ritchson said:

“I’m a Christian quite simply because of what Jesus calls us to do.

“Love other people until death.

“It doesn’t mean we’re all to be hung on a cross, but how can I suffer for you?

“That is a beautiful thing.”

“Christians today have become the most vitriolic tribe,” Ritchson claimed.

“It is so antithetical to what Jesus was calling us to be and to do.”

Additionally, he appeared to criticize every tier of the Catholic Church except for the papal office.

“It’s worth saying that the atrocities that are happening in the church that are being actively covered up, even to this day with people not being held accountable, is repulsive,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.

“I can’t for one-second support the Catholic Church while there are still cardinals, bishops, and priests being passed around with known pedophilic tendencies.”

The outlet stated that despite his mother’s Catholic faith, Ritchson, a 41-year-old, distanced himself from the church. Additionally, he criticized Christians who have shown support for President Trump. Expressing his outrage, Ritchson strongly condemned those Christians who endorse Trump and went on to make false allegations, accusing Trump of being a “rapist.”

“Trump is a rapist and a con man, and yet the entire Christian church seems to treat him like he’s their poster child and it’s unreal,” said.

“I don’t understand it.”