(TStarnes) – One of the world’s largest corporations is facing a lawsuit after they fired an employee who objected to their “white men need not apply” policy.

The Thomas More Society filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against Compass Group USA – accusing the company of religious discrimination and wrongful termination.

Courtney Rogers was employed by Compass Group USA as an internal mobility team recruiter. She had a stellar performance record until she refused to endorse, promote or participate in a program that blatantly discriminated against white men.

The program “specifically prohibited participation by white men from its promised promotions and other benefits,” said attorney Paul Jonna. “Courtney Rogers expressed her concerns and requested an accommodation to not be required to work on the program. The initiative directly conflicted with her sincerely held religious beliefs holding that all people, regardless of race or gender, are created equal. She was assured by a senior human resources officer that there would be no retaliation against her for expressing her beliefs and she could be assigned different responsibilities as accommodation.”

“And yet,” Jonna continued, “within about two weeks, that very officer terminated Ms. Rogers. He had assured Courtney that she was doing excellent work, and then the termination letter that Compass sent her said that she was being terminated for ‘unsatisfactory performance.’”

Compass Group USA, Inc. is one of the largest employers in the world and the parent group of recognizable names like Bon Appétit Restaurant Management, Wolfgang Puck Catering, and TouchPoint.

According to the lawsuit, in March 2022 Compass initiated a program that it called “Operation Equity.” It was purportedly a “diversity” program that offered qualified members special training and mentorship and the promise of guaranteed promotion.

However, only “women and people of color” were allowed to participate. White males were specifically excluded from applying for the program, participating in it, and receiving the associated benefits of training, mentorship, and guaranteed promotion.

The court complaint details how the Compass program was motivated by the racial animus held by certain members of the firm’s senior management.

The lawsuit, which demands a jury trial, seeks relief from “Religious Creed Discrimination” in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, as well as wrongful termination in violation of public policy.

In addition to financial compensatory damages as a result of Compass’ discriminatory and retaliatory conduct, the court is asked to require the corporation’s senior management in human resources to participate in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Fair Treatment training, classes, and oversight—to ensure that Compass does not discriminate and retaliate against other employees in the manner it did with Rogers.