The following is a transcript of Todd’s morning commentary – broadcasted daily on numerous radio stations nationwide.

Families in Green Bay, Wisconsin are grappling with a dilemma.

Their daughters are returning from fall sports practice with visible bruises and welts.

As it turns out, there’s a transgender athlete participating in the team – a male who identifies as a female. And their performance resembles that of an adult male.

“They’re just not accustomed to the ball being thrown at them with such force,” expressed Ryan Gusick, a concerned parent, during an interview with a local television station.

Although the parents haven’t revealed the student’s name or the sport involved, they claim that their apprehensions are not being adequately addressed by the school district.

“Because this individual chooses to identify as a female, they are allowed to utilize the female locker room, and if our daughters feel threatened or unsafe, they’re expected to seek help from the school counselor,” Gusick conveyed to WBAY television station. “Our primary concern is their safety, considering the intensity with which balls are being thrown and kicked towards them.”

Their worries primarily revolve around their daughters’ safety. Disturbingly, numerous girls have already left the team due to the severity of the situation.

Around 50 parents have issued a warning to the school district – if the child in question is not removed, their daughters will no longer participate.

“A significant number of girls are quitting the team due to concerns about their safety,” Gusick noted.

The school district, however, is standing by the transgender student.

A statement from the district to FOX 11 affirms that they “collaborate with transgender students to ascertain their preferences. Nonetheless, they possess a legal entitlement to use the locker room aligned with their gender identity. For students who express concerns, the district will offer necessary assistance.”

In reality, parents hold the ultimate decision-making authority. If the school intends to field a girls’ sports team, it’s a choice between retaining the transgender student or having their daughters continue to participate.

Time to take a strong stance.