President Donald Trump’s legal team has submitted a request to enforce the disclosure of documents that purportedly reveal collusion within the highest ranks of the federal government.

Trump’s lawyers have filed a significant motion to unveil a possible concealment between Special Counsel Jack Smith’s prosecution team and the White House. The motion filing was reported on Tuesday evening by Julie Kelly, a reporter from Real Clear Investigations.

“Trump’s attorneys tonight in classified docs case file bombshell motion for discovery—again insists Special Counsel Jack Smith is concealing evidence including voluminous records demonstrating collaboration btw Biden White House, NARA, DOJ, FBI, and intel agencies,” Kelly reported.

“Joined by attorneys representing his 2 co-defendants, Team Trump again asks for records related to Biden’s DOE attempting to retroactively remove Trump’s security clearance AFTER Smith’s indictment,” she added.

The filing states:

“The FOIA releases, coupled with other evidence scattered throughout more than 1.2 million pages of discovery, reflect close participation by NARA and Biden administration components such as the White House Counsel’s Office, as well as senior officials at DOJ and FBI.

“These revelations are disturbing but not surprising.”