House legislators approved a substantial $61 billion assistance plan for Ukraine, with no funds allocated for securing the U.S. border. The vote on the contentious Ukraine aid bill resulted in 101 Republicans in favor, 111 against, 1 present, and 4 non-votes. Among Democrats, 210 voted in favor with 3 non-votes. The final tally showed 311 in favor and 111 against. Following the vote, lawmakers were presented with Ukrainian flags while Democrats in the House chamber cheered, “Ukraine.”

“No flag except the American flag should ever be flown or brought into the U.S. Congress chamber,” said Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL). “I wish those who waved flags of Ukraine on the chamber floor loved America and our open borders as much as they do foreign nations. It’s a sad day in the US Congress when many of those who cheer for Ukraine funding vehemently opposed support to US border security.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-GA) roundly condemned Speaker Johnson.

“Johnson once again passed a bill with the help of Democrats while the majority of the Republican majority voted against it,” she wrote on X. “Not only is Mike Johnson a traitor to our conference, he’s a traitor to our country.”