Stuart Kaplan, a former FBI special agent, strongly criticized the remarks made by Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams during an interview on NewsNation. Kaplan described Adams’ comments as disrespectful towards American citizens.

Kaplan was invited to discuss Adams’ recent statement on “Cuomo,” where the mayor suggested that illegal migrants could help address the city’s shortage of lifeguards due to their swimming abilities. After playing a clip of Adams’ remarks, host Chris Cuomo asked Kaplan for his perspective on the state of politics in the United States.

“I’m all for immigration, this is the greatest country on the planet,” Kaplan said. “I think my biggest comment is it’s such a slap in the face to those individuals who have followed the letter of the law, who have waited five, six, seven, eight years to get through the application process and to be sworn in as a United States citizen. I can tell you personally, I know individuals, they cry, they kiss the ground that they walk on. They are blessed and feel part of this community, part of our nature and nation.”

“They are so happy,” he went on. “They join the armed forces. They join our military, our law enforcement community, our hospitals — every walk of life. That is one thing that I think it’s disrespectful to those people that follow the rule of law.”

“The other thing is, I don’t have any problem with respect to people being properly vetted and coming in temporarily and contributing to our society,” Kaplan continued. “Unfortunately, what the government has failed to control — there is an element of individuals that are coming from various countries that had been let out of their jails and in a way to release or decrease the tension there, and now their problem childs’ have become our bigger problems. We have enough problems here in the United States. We don’t need to adopt other issues and that’s where I think the problem is.”