During a recent speech in South Carolina, President Joe Biden, a Democrat, deviated from his prepared remarks and went on a confusing rant. Biden had traveled to the state to deliver a speech at a political event called South Carolina’s First in the Nation Dinner in Columbia. This event holds significance as Democrats had previously voted to replace Iowa with South Carolina as their first voting state, citing Iowa’s lack of diversity. However, instead of focusing on the purpose of his visit, Biden’s address turned into a jumble of incoherent yelling about former President Donald Trump.

It seemed that Biden had disregarded the script provided by his handlers and began expressing angry and confusing statements. Visibly confused, Biden suddenly became enraged and started screaming without any apparent reason. One of the false claims he repeated was the “suckers and losers” smear against Trump, despite it being widely debunked. It is important to note that Trump never referred to veterans as “suckers and losers.”

Nevertheless, Biden continues to perpetuate this hoax, and the media often supports him. These perplexing outbursts from Biden have raised further doubts about his suitability for office.

Biden then seemed to experience a total mental lapse following his outburst over Trump: