The White House has implemented additional precautions to prevent President Joe Biden from facing questions during his walks to Marine One. Aides now accompany him to shield him from reporters. This is necessary as the president has been known to respond sharply to journalists, which is not a good image for the head of state.

Furthermore, steps must be taken to protect his physical well-being, as he has experienced multiple falls while boarding aircraft. However, as with any new changes, there are bound to be challenges. During a recent walk to Marine One, a Biden aide mistakenly positioned themselves on the president’s left, allowing reporters direct access to him.

About midway through the stroll, it became apparent that she had recognized her error, adjusting to the right side to prevent journalists from directly questioning Biden. Although discreet, the move was clearly deliberate.

The aide had no other motive to switch sides other than to protect the president from engaging in verbal confrontations with reporters. It is rather unfortunate that the leader of the United States requires assistance from an aide not for security reasons, but due to his inability to handle situations independently.