Bill Maher, a prominent liberal talk show host, has criticized the corporate media for its apparent double standard in reporting on the growing scandals linked to Democrat President Joe Biden and his family.

Maher pointed out that the corporate media has been reluctant to cover the controversies involving the president’s son, Hunter Biden. He argued that if a similar story had involved President Donald Trump’s son, Don Jr., the media would have covered it “every day.”

Maher expressed these views during an interview on MSNBC with Ari Melber, where they discussed controversies surrounding both the former and current U.S. presidents.

“I don’t understand how they can equate this equivalency between Trump and Biden,” he said.

“Do I love everything about Biden? No.

“But I just don’t understand how they can look at what Trump did — now, does the Hunter Biden scandal stink?

“It really does. It stinks to the high heavens.”

“That’s real corruption there, that a lot of the Left-wing media will not cover,” he continued.

“But it’s nothing like what Trump did.

“There’s just no equivalency to be — you can say, whataboutism for anything, but… you just can’t tell unlike things apart, if you see that the same way.”

Maher also noted that coverage would be different if Hunter Biden was a Republican.

“But they also shouldn’t cover up what — I mean, if Don Jr. had done the things that Hunter Biden did, it would be every day,” he said.

“If they found cocaine in the White House, whose could it be?

“Who does cocaine around here?

“We can’t figure it out.”