It is quite satisfying to witness radical leftists facing the consequences of their own actions. In particular, when these individuals have been causing chaos by blocking roads, defacing artwork, or simply being a nuisance by disrupting the daily lives of others. The latest incident occurred at a gala celebrating Republican Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski.

On Thursday, during the event, the organization Climate Defiance labeled Murkowski as a “murderer” and proudly announced that they had disrupted the gala because they believed she prioritizes enriching her associates over the well-being of the community.

“As Chevron’s top lobbyist gave her an award, we stepped in and stopped the ceremony. Respect us or expect us,” they threatened.


Approximately six demonstrators stormed the stage with a banner. A woman resembling Murkowski was observed calmly exiting the microphone. As individuals attempted to escort the protesters away, a scuffle broke out. One of the activists tumbled off the stage, followed by the others falling over a table, resulting in an ungraceful pile.

The yelling from both sides was mostly incomprehensible, but a girl could be heard accusing Murkowski of “ecocide.” It is quite remarkable how poorly the protesters fared.

They did not successfully disrupt the event. They did not even prevent Murkowski from delivering her speech — as reported by the Daily Beast, the gala proceeded as usual once the activists were removed. Social media users were not quick to applaud them, either. While many conservatives criticized the protesters, several self-proclaimed liberals also condemned the climate activists.