Republican North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum responded firmly to CBS host Margaret Brennan’s inquiry regarding allegations that former President Donald Trump solicited funds from oil executives to aid in his election campaign. During his appearance on “Face the Nation,” Burgum shared his thoughts on Trump’s recent acquittal and reiterated his unwavering support for the ex-president as the 2024 elections approach. Highlighting his active involvement in promoting Trump’s energy policies and addressing the issue of declining oil production in North Dakota amidst rising threats from foreign adversaries such as Iran, Burgum addressed Brennan’s question about a purported meeting between Trump and oil industry leaders.

“Let me ask you that. According to the Washington Post in their reporting, Donald Trump met with oil executives and said if they raise a billion dollars to return him to the White House he’ll reduce regulation, if elected. Start auctioning off leases —” Brennan stated.

“I was at that meeting and that did not happen. That is not what happened at that meeting and that’s been reported over and over and over again,” Burgum pushed back.

“Did he ask for a billion dollars in donations?” Brennan asked.