Comedian Rosanne Barr criticized the left during a conversation with political commentator Megyn Kelly on Thursday, claiming that they are disconnected from the concerns of “working people.”

Barr made an appearance on “The Megyn Kelly Show” to talk about her time in Hollywood and other political issues. Kelly started off by inquiring about Barr’s departure from ABC following the cancellation of her show “Roseanne” in 2018. The comedian specifically mentioned the Hollywood writers who were involved in her show and recounted the challenges she faced in advocating for black characters and writers to be included in the production.

“They killed my character,” Barr said. “They took my life’s work. You think somebody gets over that? ‘Oh, it’s okay she wrote that off her blood, sweat and tears for 20 years on the comedy stages. Having shit thrown at her head because people don’t like funny women or whatever.”

“And [I] always fought the good fight,” Barr added. “Always broke every rule on TV that tried to make people feel shame and who they were, or to try to divide the races and they always hated that … I demanded black characters and black writers. It was always a fight. They fought me till the end and when I want to have a black granddaughter you cannot imagine the fight they put me through.”

“Then what they wrote for her, I wouldn’t allow” Barr stated. “So I policed the writer’s room for — their ideas on race are so obsolete and they’re just racist. I mean, they’re classist as hell, they hate working people. I mean, their comments on what they think working people …”

Kelly interjected to inquire Barr about her opinions on Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul’s recent statement that “black kids” in the Bronx are unfamiliar with the word “computer,” showing a video clip from the press conference to the comedian.

“These people who are lecturing everybody about race all the time didn’t see anything wrong with what she said,” Kelly stated.

“Because they don’t know any black people,” Barr responded. “The only black people they know are in their circle. And those black people they probably don’t know any working-class type black people, or middle-class black people, probably not at all either. Because they just live in a bubble of very privileged wealthy people that don’t go no place but with people they call their enemies. [Who] have the same amount of money and the same donors. They hang with their donors. They don’t care about the American people, obviously.”

“They’d like to replace us all,” she added. “They don’t like the American workers because we want like — I say ‘we’ but sometimes I still feel like I’m the mom of it all, because I am in a lot of ways. And I’m not going to let them take that from me, they’d love to but they can go fuck theirself.”