President Trump criticized President Biden for neglecting to acknowledge the birth of Jesus Christ throughout the Christmas season. Kindly view the video provided above.

“He completely failed to even mention the birth of Jesus Christ which is hard to do if you are celebrating Christmas, right,” Trump said at a campaign stop Tuesday night in Iowa.

“He didn’t mention Jesus Christ in his remarks not for three years he hasn’t mentioned that and barely mentioned God,” noting last month’s lighting of the National Christmas Tree.

Upon reviewing the White House transcript of Biden’s remarks, it becomes evident that the Reason for the Season was not mentioned at all.

“When I was president, we brought back the beautiful phrase, ‘Merry Christmas,’ and I said I would do that. I’m very proud of that,” he said.

During the period when Christmas was facing a threat, he prompted the gathering.

“When I lit the Christmas tree each year, it was my true honor to publicly celebrate the true source of Christmas joy which is Jesus Christ,” he said to cheers from the crowd.