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Shock: Biden Publicly APOLOGIZES To Zelenskyy

President Joe Biden issued a public apology to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Friday, attributing Ukraine’s aid struggles to the obstruction by Republican members in Congress. […]

WATCH: Trump Has These Words for His REVENGE

Donald Trump, the former President, remains steadfast despite being found guilty.

Trump spoke to “Fox & Friends Weekend” after the NY verdict, saying, “These are bad people. […]

Breaking: NYPD Goes After Donald Trump

The NYPD is getting ready to cancel Donald Trump’s concealed carry permit after the multiple felony convictions issued by the jury last week. According to CNN, […]

The SCOTUS Case that Has Democrats TERRIFIED

The Chevron deference doctrine is currently under consideration by the Supreme Court, marking a potential turning point in its legal significance. This case has the potential […]

Just In: Trump Campaign Gets GAME-CHANGING News

The campaign donation page of ex-President Donald Trump experienced technical difficulties on Thursday, crashing shortly after the jury delivered a guilty verdict. Following the verdict, the […]

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